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We live in a region in which the landscape, climate, soil, grapevines and people have grown together over the centuries to create a single organism. Each and every year, world-class Riesling is produced along the banks of the River Moselle. However, it took us a few years spent away from the narrow Moselle Valley to recognise this fact. Our dream of owning our own winery became all the more potent, and a return to the Moselle was the logical conclusion. It all began in 2014 with fresh ideas for the winery of Christian‘s father. And today we passionately continue the winemaking tradition that has been in our family for generations.

Bindges Weingut Traben-Trarbach

Jennifer and Christian Bindges

Unser Weingut in Traben-Trarbach

Our wine recommendation

Bottle price:
13,50 €
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1 l = 18,00 €
Bottle price:
13,50 €
Base price:
1 l = 18,00 €
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9,50 €
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1 l = 12,67 €
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9,90 €
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1 l = 13,20 €

The Rosenhof in Traben-Trarbach

At the heart of our winery is the Rosenhof, a stately timberframed house dating from the early 17th century that was probably originally built to serve as the grange of an Eifel abbey. With a little luck, we were able to purchase the building in 2018 and have been gradually restoring it to its former splendour. During the historically accurate restoration we used natural materials such as clay and limestone, which also create a pleasant ambient environment. Let yourself be enchanted by this historic place and enjoy our wines in the Vinotheque or spend a few nights in our apartments.

A breath of fresh air in historic premises

Our wines

When making our wines, we keep any interference to a minimum. The task is to preserve the gift that our vineyard has granted us.We don’t use any modern tools to artificially accelerate the winecreation process. We give our wines the necessary time and space they need to develop their individual and distinctive character. Every year, our patience is rewarded with expressive, complex wines that reveal both their origin and vintage.

You can also purchase our wines online in our wine shop.

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Our vineyards

Traditionally, we own vineyards on Traben’s Königsberg. In recent years, we have expanded our portfolio of vineyards to include the two steep slopes of Letterlay and Steffensberg in Kröv. Our vineyards are located in the heart of the area placed in the two highest categories during the vineyard-location classification of 1886.

We work in harmony with nature to unleash the full potential of our vineyard. Weeds are not systematically combated but are instead left to live in harmony with the vines to create the ecosystem of the vineyard. Only vines that grow in healthy competition and thus put down ever-deeper roots produce wines of great character. We place great emphasis on the care and maintenance of our stock of ungrafted Riesling vines, which are over 50 years old.

Showing respect for nature

Every vineyard has its own individual character


The Letterlay vineyard is threaded with countless water courses that emerge as springs by numerous vineyard walls. In addition to grey slate, the stony soil also consists of red slate, which is characterised by its high iron-oxide content.


Rising up steeply from the banks of the Moselle, the Steffensberg is optimally positioned in a southerly- to south-south-west-facing direction and offers the Riesling vines an excellent micro-climate. The vineyard is characterised by its deep, fine slate soil.

Königsberg „Alte Reben“

Old, ungrafted vines form the foundation of this Riesling. It is distinguished by its especially small grapes that provide a naturally low yield and produce richly nuanced wines.

Weinberge rund um unser Weingut in Traben-Trarbach
Trauben Detailansicht

Our holiday apartments

The Moselle valley must count among Germany’s most attractive travel destinations. With its charming architecture and wealth of restaurants, the town of Traben-Trarbach offers the perfect starting point for a holiday by the Moselle.

Our stylishly furnished apartments for two to four people are located both within the Rosenhof itself as well near the town centre in the district of Traben. Take some time away from everyday life and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here.

Ferienwohnung Weingut Traben-Trarbach
Ferienwohnung Weingut Mosel Traben-Trarbach